Klaus C. Dietrich - People on the Beach

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Kunstbehan 17-02-2010

People on the Beach
Exhibition by Klaus C. Dietrich
1. - 26.04.2010

'Echoes of the Seventies - A salute from the 70ies' would have been another possible heading for Klaus C Dietrichs first single exhibition in the Kunstbehandlung. Although the featured people with hairstyles, outfits and tattoos come from present time, his pictures breathe the spirit of awakening and insouciance of those thrilling years. Possibly, this is because of Klaus C Dietrich’s (born 1945) very successful years as a painter started in the early 70ies too.

You might want to call Dietrich a globetrotter. Unlike than usual and coming back with the compulsory slide show, he captures his impressions in colourful and bathed in light paintings. Those fulfill the aspiration for exotic and sunny beaches not only for the Germans. The selected works for 'People on the Beach' emphasize his ability for sophisticated studies and voluptuous niceties.

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