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Finding gay Cuba

Finding gay Cuba is not as easy as it might seem for a communist country. Infact unfortunately communism has blocked the one channel where Westerners thrive - the internet - a quick search across Google finds next to nothing. There maybe a few blogs, a couple of articles from Lonely Planet but unless you dig deeper there is nothing.


I am off to Cuba to visit Havana, Trinidad and Verdero and I promise to bring you back some detail on how to make the most out of the country - going gay while you stay. When researching, do dig deep in the internet, once you've been given a little information from one resource, use that to find the next. For example


- Gay bars in Cuba: Well, they don't seem to exist, not on the internet anyway. Look at what does exist and contact them you'll soon find out they are no longer there. Go to facebook and you will find a few groups, but unfortunately none of them really give you anything, even the people who own the fan/group pages are a bit useless


- Staying in Cuba: finding a gay hotel is near impossible, contacts we have received from web travellers just don't work and when looking for tourist spots they are all big brand hotels. You will also find there is a significant difference in price, so hunt out Casa Paticulares - they are cheaper and give you a proper Cuban experience, rather than being stuck in a tourist trap. Check this link


- What's on in Cuba: well - haa! In 2 months of research we still have found no events. So goodluck on this.


For a bit of insider information check out global gayz


I will be back with more information.


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