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Ancient Athens worth a visit

Trekking Ancient Athens is a must when you visit the capital of Greece. On a romantic weekend, me and the man took our own tour around the city and across the ruins. For €12 there was a freedom pass letting you into six ancient remains. We only got to 4, but each was incredible - with wonderful  views, great weather and well-produced city maps.


We didn't get lost once and even when we did there was always  friendly greek to help. Getting around by subway was best - quite quick, though beware of any closures, sometimes the underground maps aren't quite clear!


Make sure you go to Andrianou, just by Monastiraki station. It's on the edge of Thissio (an ancient build) filled with coffee shops and restaurants, here you will also fin the flea Market - this is worth haggling for!


Sindragmi is a great place to start (city centre). Just up from here is Kolonki, which is great for a bit of upmarket shopping or just having a coffee. There is a great take-away/eat-in called Goodys in Athens which has excellently priced and tasty fresh food (salads and wraps mainly).


Gazi - the drinks and bars area - is packed at weekends and busy most nights. Here there are a number of gay bars but mostly gay friendly. Attached are photos of the bar fronts, I'll try to upload these as individual venues - but ask if I haven't!


We liked S-Cape, a club/bar with dance floor best to get there about 1am. We were there til 5am.


There's no point going to the Olympic 2004 stadium, it's a bare waste - bit like waking up in the film 28 weeks later. Mind, if you're into that sort of thing, it's worth the trek imaging what it was like with several million people just a few years ago and today - dead, deserted. unkept.


Beware, it does get extremely hot during the day and often without a cloud in the sky due to the circling hills. Also, there's very little shelter in the main city, so make sure you take a hat and plenty of sunscreen.


You may want to check some of the offbeat bars, there are a few not in Gazi in other areas - but we never got there in our four days.



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