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Riverside Honda

Yamaha were the very first company to place an alternate front-end into mass production on the motorcycle, however they were in no way the first one to test out changing the leading forks towards a much better design.

Among the pioneers of alternative front finishes is Nederlander 'specials' builder Nico Bakker, a guy with several decades of chassis and suspension building to his credit as well as an impressive working as a consultant list which includes BMW and Laverda. And the QCS1OOO (QCS means Quick Change System - both wheels could be transformed in an exceedingly short period of time) may be the latest version of their own extremely effective design.

Riverside Honda

Traditional front forks are naturally flexible and may affect a motorcycle's steering geometry because they compress in corners. An approach to separating the steering in the front suspension is usually regarded as not able to motorcycle design, and up to now only Yamaha and BMW have put alternative front suspension software in production. But Nico Bakker includes a system that they continues to be using since 1988 that is both clever and effective.

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The QCS is really a hands-built 'special' that utilizes a Yamaha FZRI000 engine because of its motive energy, around that is wrapped an aluminium-alloy square-section chassis onto that are bolted singlesided swingarms back and front. The leading suspension system works in an exceedingly similar method to those of the Yamaha GTSI000 - the steering is handled using a spar running in the hub from the front wheel towards the steering crown, as the suspension is actuated through the single-on the sides swingarm that bolts to the front from the chassis. The advantages of this technique can best be realized with a high-performance sportsbike, making Yamaha's decision to tit it to some modest-performance sports-tourer surprising.

However the performance from the QCS is not modest. The derestricted FZR1000 engine oozes energy and torque. The tive-valves-per-cylinder inline four makes 145bhp within the QCS and is capable of doing whisking up to 165mph in very short order.

The trunk suspension is another single-on the sides swingarm affair, but with no necessity for steering the machine, can be used mainly for fast wheel changes (Honda developed this technique for his or her endurance racing bikes, and contains subsequently been utilized on road-going machines by Honda and Aprilia).

Rock Honda

On the highway the QCS provides what it really promises. There's no front-end dive when difficult on the brakes, and also the bike is rock-steady mid-turn. It exhibits no disadvantages of traditional front fork-s and, unlike the GTS 1000, the steering fact is both fast and positive. An enormous front disc brake held with a six-piston ealiper helps stop this 160mph animal, along with a massive 180/55 section rear tyre helps the QCS grip tenaciously within the corners.

The svelte bodywork and 'unusual' suspension systems provide the QCS a glance all its very own - the swoopy styling and vibrant red-colored fresh paint informs everyone around you that this really is one serious, and incredibly purposeful, motorcycle.

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