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Berlin is one of the world´s largest cities and first-timers may have a...

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Dubai is a sprawling, fast growing metropolis.  Ideally situated on the Gulf it is one of seven Arab emirates that make up the UAE.  For the past couple of years it has become the fastest growing city in the world - with huge amounts of office, commercial, leisure and residential development taki... more


The more traditional area of Dubai is near Deira in the city centre.  Here you will find the Gold Souk, Mosques, etc. more


It is illegal to be gay in Dubai.  So, only reveal your sexuality to people you trust and do not flaunt the fact that you are gay.  Gays are regularly arrested. more

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Overall: 2.0 / 5.0
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I was in transit back from a wonderful trip to the Maldives when I decided to stop at Dubai for a couple of nights and see what all the fuss was ab...

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Getting to Dubai is relatively easy.  By plane:The main airport has links to most major countries.  There is only one terminal (at 2008) but a second terminal has almost been completed and is due to open shortly.  Taking a taxi from the airport to the main beach area (where there are many hotels)... more

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