Helsinki the capital and largest city of Finland and located in the southern part on the shore of the Gulf of Finland and it is the most populous municipality. It is the administrative centre as well as the centre of culture life and business activity.


There are a lot of different museums. Kiasma the art museum, National Museum of Finland is the biggest historical museum which is located in a building with national romantic style neo medevial castle. An other thing you should do is to got to one the major theatres.The Finnish National Theatre,National, the Helsinki City Theatre and the Finland Swedish Svenska Teatern.If you are more in music you can visit the Finnish National Opera and the Finlandia concert hall.


The general attitude towards sexual minorities is relatively tolerant in Helsinki and sexual minorities are relatively visible there, but gay couples showing public affection should be prepared for the occasional snide remark when walking down the streets. Gay couples have had the right to form a registered partnership since 2002.

Travel Information

There are two airports which serve Helsinki. The main one is called Helsinki - Vantaa Airport and only 19km away from the north of the Helsinki´s downtown area. The other one is called Malmi Airport but mainly used for general and private aviation. You can use several different ferries to go to Helsinki, you can start in Tallinn, Stockholm or Travemünde and Rostock (Germany).  Once you are in Helsinki you can use main different public transportation.There is a metro,railway, buses and trams.The Helsinki Metro (orange coloured) is the world´s northmost subway. Currently Helsinki faces the issue that a lot of cars are used in the city as the public transportation system needs further development.