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One of the largest and most exciting Gay Pride Parade in Mexico.

The Guadalajara Gay Pride known in Spanish as Marcha de la diversidad translated as "Parade of the diversity" is an event that celebrates diversity in general and seeks equal rights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people, is celebtared in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico in 2009 meets its thirteenth edition.

The parade was founded in 1996, after years of fighting for it and after several moves against homophobia in the city of Guadalajara, this city was the first city in the country after the Mexico City in which the movement openly gay gushed as well as demonstrations and marches demanding equal rights for the LGBT community. While the first demonstrations in Guadalajara and gay organizations were heavily consolidating in the 80´s severely harassed by then ultra-conservative government, currently the event is a well known and respectable gay parade in the world and every year dissemination and quality are observed during every edition.

This gay parade in Guadalajara, is one of the most leading prides in Latin America along with cities such as Mexico City, São Paulo and Buenos Aires.

The Guadalajara Pride celebrations are usually preluded by a week of cultural events focused on the LGBT community to promote human rights and practice the right of freedom of speech, this week is called Semana de la diversidad (week of the diversity) and host the famous MIX Festival which is the International LGBT Film Festival of Guadalajara (MIX Festival de Diversidad Sexual en Cine y Video), also several art expositions, conferences, AIDS marathons, concerts and several artistic and cultural activities which are a well known characteristic of Guadalajara city.

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Contact number: 01 33 3618 7767
Public event: Yes
Directions: Chapultepec & Hidalgo Avenue, Lafayette Disctrict.