Charlie's Las Vegas

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Venue Club, Las Vegas

5012 Arville Street Las Vegas, NV 89118-1546
Las Vegas
United States

The Charlie’s Las Vegas is a Gay club meant for men in Las Vegas. It is located on the Arville Street in West Tropicana Avenue. The area is to the West of the Strip. This club is headed by the gay country fans and followers of the Nevada Gay Rodeo Association.

Charlie’s Las Vegas is a western themed bar with a large space that is meant for both dancing and socializing. This is a place that though reserved for gays; it attracts men and women equally. This bar remains open every day in the week, twenty four hours a day.

However, on certain days, this bar attracts a larger crowd than other days. For example, on Sunday, the $5 beer bust provided and the drag show at 9 p.m. attracts a large crowd to this club. The place has a disco ball and a glass encrusted cow boy boot that hangs over the shiny and wooden dance floor. The walls of the side hallway of this place are covered with posters that promote gay brotherhood. The Charlie’s Las Vegas is a wonderful place to spend the evening dancing and socializing.

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