Foot Friends

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Venue Bar, New York

554 West 28th Street, New York
New York
United States

Located in New York the Foot Friends is a unique gay friendly club and organization that provides, promotes and encourages the foot fetish and the foot fests. This exclusive gay bar has gained immense popularity worldwide with numerous foot party locations at Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale, san Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C, London and many other places.

The Foot Friends actually comprise foot fetish group of men who promote foot parties in the various locations which is strictly for men. The longest foot parties are held under the Foot Friends, New York and every member’s privacy is maintained with utmost dedication. The 1st and the 3rd Tuesdays are devoted to the foot parties in Chelsea and 100-200 guys or men attend the parties.

The Foot Friends have successfully managed to congregate dedicated, devoted, elegant and creative foot men for the foot parties which are a huge success and every now and then new parties are being thrown. The Foot Fest 2011 has already been declared with its popularity and expectation rising sky high with this event scheduled to kick off at Florida. The Foot Friends have managed to unite all Foot men and is successfully taking this forward.

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